Friday, February 8, 2013

Lamp Progress

In December I asked for your help in finding a specific lamp and the recommendations were so good.  However, it turned out what I was really looking for was an antique of least very old.  The lamp hunt led me to China via Belgium and New York.  Not present day, mass produced typical China, no what I needed came from the Han Dynasty, circa 206 BC.  
Delivered to me last week was this authentic Han Dynasty vessel.  Even though I had the dimensions prior to purchasing, I was shocked by its size (can for reference).  It is hard to get my head around how old this piece of pottery is and how it made it all the way to me.
However, its journey is not over yet and it will become a lamp before going on to its new owner.  I have dropped off some expensive, unique, sentimental items to be made into lamps but due to the age, this one is making me extra nervous.  Updates to follow when it is finished!