Monday, March 18, 2013

Quick B&A...for $13

Our mailbox had been driving me crazy for years but by the time it recently moved up on my attention list it fell into the "not sure I want to spend money on it if we are moving" category.  Of course we don't know if we are going to put our house for sell, we could be here for 50 more years, but in limbo we sit.
 However, this needed serious and immediate attention...
 A general makeover was called for, even it was not going to be something fabulous.
 While perusing Lowe's I found a $13 gray mailbox and I knew it was the change I needed.  So along with a few friends I had sitting around I went to work this weekend.
 And here is what I ended with.  
Perhaps not the most amazing thing I have seen but a huge difference, I am pleased.  The stain is still wet in this picture if you happen to be thinking it looks a little funky.
 Not too bad for a $13 makeover done while Henry took his afternoon nap if I do say so myself.
Did y'all do any Spring makeovers this weekend?