Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Nursery- The Big Board Part II

 Alright, let's continue where we left off.  I had many e-mails with specifics about what is on the board so I will try to cover most items. All items on the board have meaning to us which is something I think is important when decorating.  (Can you tell I took these pictures and not Paula?)
 Let's start with the left side:
The board is constantly changing but one thing has stayed the same, the progression of Henry's growth by week around the boarder.  Other items:
- Fox Watercolor, Eastwitching on Etsy, we call Harry (our dog) the red fox so this was only natural.
(Both books above childhood favorites of ours)
-Gold Cross is handmade my dear friend Bullen, more information available here.
-Alright Already Quote- printed by us.  When I was pregnant and had not felt Henry move in a while I could always count on Float On by Modest Mouse to get him going.  
- Horse, Fox and Lion letters- taken from a Walter Anderson book, a gift from Patrick's Mom.  A Mississippi artist for his Mississippi roots.
And the left side:

Fox and Lion print see above.
- Lion watercolor- from Etsy but I can no longer find the store.  Lions were my favorite growing, you will see a lot of lions in the nursery.
- Rolling Stones onsie, gift from my best friend, makes me happy every time I see it.
-Hungry Catepillar doll, gift from Patrick's Mom, it is from Saks
-All of other watercolors on board are from an Oxford, MS calendar.  We picked scenes that meant something to us, Oxford is where we both went to college.  Originally the whole board was going to be various watercolors.
 So many people asked about the large Love You sign in the center of board. 
 I saw this at one of my favorite showrooms at Market, Sugarboo Designs, and from the moment I saw it I knew I would use it my day.  I had planned on hanging this in the middle of the board from day one.  It is actually attached to the wall, not the board.  Available for order through Marianne Strong Interiors.
I had a few questions about the cost of everything.  I can't remember exactly but I think the wood (cedar) was around $40, the burlap tape was $30 and the hardware was under $10.  I think that covers just about everything.  Details on the rest of the room coming as well.